Industrial Cooperatives have been organised with two objectives namely social and economic upliftment of the people below the poverty line. The most important Social objective is to safeguard the interest of the poorest sections against exploitative trends and to pave way for diffusions and dispersal of wealth. The economic objective of these societies is to create employment opportunities for the people by increasing the Production and productivity of the units and to inculcate competitive capability and acceleration in the field of Trade and Industries. Industrial Cooperatives, a wing of the Department of Industries and Commerce, plays a vital role .

A unique society in kancheepuram district is Irula snake catchers Industrial Co-operative society.
The founder Chennai snake park trust Mr. Romulus Whitaker and Tmt.Revathi Mukarji, a social welfare activist who met the Registrar,Department of Industries and commerce of TamilNadu and sought help to promote downtrodden unemployed youth of Irulas and obtained self employment schemes.

As per the idea of Department of Industries and Commerce with the capital resources of their skill, the Irulas Snake Catchers Industries Co-operative Society was registered on 19.12.1978

District Registrar-General Manager,District Industries centre, Kancheepuram.


There are about 250 species ofsnakes are found in India, of which 50 specis are poisonous snakes. Among 50 species, 4 of the poisonous snakes are commonly distributed. They are
  • Indian Cobra
  • Russells viper
  • Common krait
  • Saw-scaled viper
The above four species which are causing lethal to 25,000 people every year in india. this is commonly recorded only in the hospitals. But it may exceed further because many village people are not taking the snake bitten person to the hospital and adopting to cure with herbal medicine and superstitious (manthiram) ideas.
The antivenom injection is being manufactured in India from the four common poisonous snakes like cobra, Russells viper, common krait and saw scaled viper. The main constituent of the antivenom injection is the venom of snakes.

The venom of the snakes are collected and a particular quantity injected into the horse body. When it reaches the blood stream of horse,the blood produces the antibodies. As required antibodies produced, the blood serum collected from the horse and antibodies are separated. Then the antibodies made in the form of powder and stored. This is called antivenom injection.

This injections are administered into the snake bitten person through vein the antivenom cure the person and got relief.

This injecton gives 100% survival to snake bitten person. To prepare this injection "snake venom" is very essential.

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